The AfriKYC AML-CFT and Sanctions Compliance Regulations Technology CaaS solutions will help Financial, Legal and DNFBP (Designated Non-Financial Business and Professions) Institutions to effectively comply with regulatory requirements by harnessing new technologies.

Our CaaS can, in moments, provide insights into massive volumes of data to minimize costly manual processes, along with helping improve and speed up identity checks for meeting regulations such as Anti–Money Laundering & Counter-Funding Terrorism (AML-CFT), Sanctions, Crypto-Currencies, Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Customers Customer (KYCC), Know Your Business (KYB) and Know Your Employee (KYE).

Our CaaS model helps regulated businesses meet these compliance obligations while eliminating inefficiencies and risks involved in onboarding a customer. This reduces the time needed both for customers and your business and therefore greatly improves the entire customer experience. We cut out the manual processes – which as so dependent on human capital and so vulnerable to error – and help to deliver as close to a real-time solution-set as possible.

Our solution can adapt quickly and dynamically change to meet the new and upgraded compliance requirements globally, regionally, nationally and locally, if needed. We will simplify compliance while always being vigilant in retaining and expanding our customers protections.

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