As part of an effective AML-CFT programme within a business is to ensure that there is a corporate governance structure that includes compliance professionals that are fluent in AML-CFT and related regulatory requirements.

These professionals form the AML-CFT subject matter experts within the organisation, ensuring that reported issues can be addressed in-house and within a time frame that would not further expose the organisation to more risk.

A key requirement in the implementation of the global AML-CFT recommendations and laws is that each country, their citizens and their businesses adopt, implement and comply with these ever-evolving and stricter laws. It is, therefore, imperative that employees and executives across the relevant departments should undergo cross-disciplinary training or certification programmes in AML-CFT so that potential risks can be identified.

Keeping up-to-date and complaint with these ever-expanding AML-CFT laws is not easy – but non-compliance is not an option and will, sooner than later, now quickly lead to potentially massive penalties and prison.

AML-CFT Training though, will help individuals and businesses to mitigate their risks of non-compliance, by helping them to understand and meet their AML-CFT compliance requirements both nationally and, in this globalised world, their international AML-CFT compliance requirements too.

AfriKYC offers a number of levels in AML and CFT Compliance Courses.


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