Client Onboarding thru a completely configurable onboarding process

AML/KYC Compliance in regulated environments

Data Verification of Email, Phone, etc.

Proof of Identity, Residency, Life, etc.

Risk Management and Risk based KYC

Real-time retrieval of individual and company documents

Unlimited document types and attachments

Completely configurable KYC levels and their meaning to reflect different KYC requirements around the world.

Sanctions / PEP / Lists screening

Corporate / Business KYC incl. corporate roles of individuals

GDPR and other Country privacy compliance requirements

Secure audit trail for internal and regulatory call-back.

Advanced Features

AI based image processing to ensure not to enroll non-humans

Relationship recording e.g. (is-friend-of | is-family-of | guarantees-for | is-legal-representative-of, etc.)

Legal Holds

Immutable Data
All Data changes to a KYC record shall be recorded for ALL fields incl. DOB, Name, etc.

Products & Features

A universal integrated ID platform with a domestically central- and globally distributed data repository for all members and will manage a standardized, minimum data set relating to ID of each member.

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