AfriKYC: synchronize compliance and payments in Africa.

WorldKYC join forces with eMoney Solutions launching AfriKYC to compete in the Ecobank Fintech Challenge 2020.

Ecobank is a major pan-African bank operating in 36 countries. It recently launched a call for tenders open to all Fintech companies on the African continent under the title of Ecobank Fintech Challenge 2020. The finalists will participate in the Ecobank Fintech Innovation Fair, with the top 3 winning cash prizes and the opportunity to work with the bank and it’s partners.

The bank identified the following Pain-Points Customer experience, credit score, ecosystem aggregation, internal tools, and payments.

Our WIN’s group - Trade Solutions Group, WinstantPay, WorldKYC, Leap2Shop - in collaboration with eMoney Solutions pre launched AfriKYC to take the challenge.

AfriKYC offers consumers, Ecobank customers, to access payments synchronized with KYC, ensuring identity management, fraud prevention and the provision of confidentiality tools via APIs and trust keys. online or offline. These payments are tailored to the needs of African SMEs empowering them for global trade while mitigating the compliance risk of correspondent banks.

For this call for tenders, WIN's relies on a strategy and technologies proven over the last two decades. Currently, the obstacle to the flow of international payments to Africa is compliance. Synchronizing payment and compliance information with on-demand payment chain institutions speeds up payment settlement, lowering costs to support global financial inclusion.

AfriKYC has the unique ability to combine legacy technology with the latest Fintech tools built and customized for Africa. Our global network of experts allows us to innovate, relying on proven technologies developed by our partners and co-founder for more than two decades.

With AfriKYC, beyond the pleasure of taking part in the competition, one of the objectives of the WIN's and eMoney-Solutions partners is to establish a collaboration with Ecobank.

About World KYC

WorldKYC was created in January 2020 spinning off technology and compliance expertise to focus on the global demand for compliance balanced with privacy.

WorldKYC gives you control over your identity locally and globally. Empowering you to share what you want with whom you want, synchronizing the virtual and physical world.

Our physical Trusted KYCKey allows consumers and businesses to share data to comply with the privacy and KYC regulations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and many other groups.

Through our KYC switch we enforce your privacy rights, letting you share information on a need to know basis.

We simplify the work of the privacy officer balancing compliance with ANY privacy laws such as GDPR and reporting laws such as AML and FATCA.

WorldKYC profiles are linked to your bank details for fast KYC synced global payments or to your crypto account to ensure compliance and transparency.

About eMoney Solutions

eMoney Solutions is an African Fintech cooperation specialized in building and providing modern payment solutions. Through simple, secure and accessible solutions, eMoney’s solution aids the digitalization of payments to allow banks, telecom operators and merchants to increase the means of payment and to strengthen the financial inclusion of their customers.

eMoney’s solutions include agency banking, money transfer, bill payment and service purchase solutions to support the development of banks in Africa.