Web3, Zero Knowledge Authenticated Communication for responsible Privacy

1fst Dec 2023

Announcing the Launch of Reg2 Wallet

World KYC unveils the Reg2 Wallet (REGistered with REGulators), a groundbreaking innovation designed to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency compliance while ensuring user privacy.

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Private Authentication

AfriKYC offers a secure framework for decentralized identity management, incorporating Zero Knowledge proof of individuality, evidence of vitality, and discreetly authenticated communication. The platform ensures KYC compliance while fully adhering to privacy regulations.
Operating in a decentralized manner, WKYC utilizes a network of reliable identity custodians, enabling both businesses and individuals to engage in communication while adjusting privacy preferences, spanning from complete anonymity to comprehensive identity disclosure.

Sharing identity with anonymity

- Decentralized Identity Custodian
- Stealth Identity to share with or without name identification
- For businesses and individuals

Anonymity with Accountability

The only platform allowing you to know your contact on a need to know basis.

Afri KYC Verify (WKYCV) allows individuals and businesses to privately authenticate themselves.
Businesses can now authenticate their customer without concerns of GDPR and Privacy.

Solutions Overview



Flexible integration with existing customer acceptance processes


Compliance with statutory due diligence for risk-based customer acceptance


Customer information is matched with sanction and watch lists to identify criminals, and with PEP databases


Automatic retrieval of the beneficial owner for legal entities


Standardized data interface to the core banking system to check existing customers


Interface to research systems to detect deviations from the initial "intentional" description and the actual behavior of the customer

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Afri KYC stealth ID